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There are a whole bunch of different chips to choose from. Essentially there are three types of poker chips. They are made of plastic, composite material or clay. I definetly prefer the clay ones. They provide in my opinion, clearly the best feeling and not forgetting the best sound.
In addition to these, there are chips that have a metal plate (Coin) in the middle.
Many providers offer that you can create your "own" lable, that is so that you can print your own print on the chips.

Plastic chips

Plastic chips may be a good start when you want to stop playing with matches. Plastic chips are the cheapest type of poker chips and can be purchased at places that not only sells poker materials.
As the name says, these chips are made entirely of plastic. This in turn means that it is usually lighter than other types of chips. Plastic chips usually have a weigh between 4 - 9g.
The feeling of these chips is regarding to my preferneces pretty bad. Must say that the great advantage of those is that it is cheap.
They have a completely smooth surface which can make them difficult to stack on top of each other. The surface wears down pretty quickly, which makes it difficult to see the denominations and designs after a while.

Composite chips

Composite chips may consist of slightly different materials. It is common for the main material to consists of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) hard plastic.
These chips are a bit cheaper than clay but clearly more expensive than plastic chips. However, they are a bit harder and more durable.
They can be a bit difficult to stack because they have a reasonably smooth surface. The impressions / design on this type of chips are crisp and clear.
Usually weighs composite chips between 9 - 13g. The most common weight is 11.5 g.
The sound when you "throw" the chips in the pot is a bright ringing sound. The feeling in any of this is much better than plastic chips, but still they can not compete with clay chpis.

Clay chips

This type of chips are clearly the most expensive of the three types. It is mainly because it is more expensive with clay than ABS and that the manufacturing cost is slightly higher.
Although it's called clay most casino chips consists of only about 15% clay. Other material in the clay is usually ABS.
Unlike the composite chips, these ones gives a clearly duller sound when you throw the chips into the pot. Much better sense of the sound according to me.
The surface of the clay is quite soft, which in turn means that the chips can be stacked easily. The impressions / design is not as accurate as for the composite chips.
Almost all casinos run by the clay chips. The weight of clay is about 9 grams and up to about 15 grams. To get the most heavy chips some of the chips will contain a metal plate in the middle.
Wear on the clay chips is slightly higher than both plastic and composite chips.

To choose poker chips

To choose which poker chips to buy can be both simple and a bit more complicated.
It all depends on how important you think it is with the feeling of the poker chips.
A good way to start is to figure out how many chips you will need, depending
on how many players you want to be and how many chips you want everyone to have from the start.
Personally, I think it are nice to have some more chips than to just have a few higher denominations as the urgent need to begin
exchange chips with others around the table. How high denomination that is needed is quite strongly associated with the structure
you choose to have on the blinds. There's no point in having chips that are worth less than the small blind.

Then one must always remember to have chips left if you run with the rebuy in an tournament. If you run a
cash game the amount of chips will be different, if you have a maximum purchase or not. Normally, you need fewer chips at cash games than in tournament play.
When running tournamnets you may want to use the "chip up", ie you will exchange them with the lowest denominations
because it is not practically to have an enormous amount of chips on the table that only gets into trouble every time someone makes a bet.
It means that maybe you will have yet another value in addition to the ones appearing in the starting stack. You can use
the same chips that you just took out of play but it wont make the players happy, mistaks about how much those are worth are done easally. I prefer to have an additional chip color for the larger amount

Now that you know roughly how many chips you need it is time to determine approximately how much you are
willing to pay for you chips. It can be a good idea to decide it before looking for
what kind of chips you want. The price is quite different between different types of chips such as a plastic chips
does not cost much and is almost only possible to buy in pre made sets. While if you choose a better
clay chip, it costs them about 1,5 - 2 dollar a piece. A good chips has about 11 grams of weight or more. If you go below this
it is often much worse both in feeling and the material. However, there is some clay, which weighs 10.5 grams and
there is nothing wrong at them atall, but the other way around.

The next thing to consider are whether you want chips with denominations or "blank" chips. The advantage of chips with
denominations are that it are easier for players to keep track of what denomination it are on the respective chips.
For some reason there is almost always chips with 10 missing inthe pre-sets available for purchase
The disadvantage are that it is not always so easy to play with them if you want them to have other values.
Which might not be so unusual if you want to use the chips for both cash games and tournaments.
What you can do to get them with denominations that you want is to design chips with its own pressure,
which can be done with a few suppliers of poker chips. poker and Casino, the rakeback professionals, offering up to 60% rakeback
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