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Poker Table Stage 6

Now that the glue that attaches the padding have dried and we'll take and put on the green fabric that will be playing surface on the table, the side to play on should lie down. It is because we will put the board that you play on above and then fold the edges upp on the board to attach the green fabric.

So put the fabric on the floor and place the board with the padding that we just glued, down on the middle of the green fabric.
Now when we begin to attach the fabric on the back of the board (ie the side which currently lies up)it is easiest if you starts with the long sides. I used regular staples to fasten the fabric.
After this you take one of the corners that are on the same side as the long side of which we just attached.

To get the corners done in a god way I did as shown on the image below.

Remember not to attach too many staples, but to put as many as needed to keep the cloth in place while you attach all sides.
Once you have attached the first corner, it is just to work tour way around. Remember to stretch the canvas tightly so it does not move when you start playing and people hanging out and gather all the chips they will be playing for.
When the fabric is stretched properly make sure to bust with enough staples so that the fabric does not loosen or someone gets stuck in it so it breaks down.
Cutting off the material that sticks in too much. This is how it looked when I was finished.

You can always cut the fabric closer to the edge

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