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Poker Table Stage 5

Now that we have finished the rail, we'll start with the playing surface.
What we should do now is to cut the padding and glue it to the playing surface and then put on the final surface for it, in my case, the green fabric that will be seen when playing.

We start by cutting the padding. We do this by putting the padding on the playing area.

Now it's just to cut off the excesive material outside the edge of the table. I belive it is easier to cut away the material with a pair of siccors rather than to cut it off with a knife. That is because it is difficult to get the padding to lie still on the table when you cut away the outside, it should look like below.

In order to get the padding as flat as possible I iron it before I remove it from the surface.
Now carefully take off the pad without wrinkle to it too much. The padding must be fitted correctly so we glue it on the table.
I used regular wood glue for this. There is certainly are better glue for this. Wood glue worked great for me.
Aplly a thin layer of glue on the entire surface.
Now comes the hard part, getting on the padding withoutto get it uneven and rinkled. If you're not two people who do this, it will work fine with to roll out the pad.

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