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Poker Table stage 2

Now it is time to cut the boards so that the rail will be removable from the table .
Boards will be placed loosely on top of the table, but be restrained by a border around the table.
On one of the boards, you should mark out how wide the rail should be. I think it should be around 140 mm wide (I tried around until i found what I thought was just right).
On the second board, you should mark out the part that will keep the rail in place. It needs to be about 40 mm wide. Do not make it too wide for that matter. it will not support the frame. You should have marked the boards as in Figure 3

Figure 3

Cut out the parts. Make sure you are not cutting in from the edge to reach your mark. What you can do is to drill with a small drill a bit (just a few millimeters big) right next to each other on the mark so that you can bring down the blade and then you saw after the marking, the components remain intact and in one piece. If you are cutting in from the edge you can get an splice that you can feel throug the padding if you are unlucky, stability also becomes much worse.
The board (middle part) that you sawed out from the rail (the wider piece of the edge part) you no longer need and can put aside. You should now have three pieces that look as shown in Figure 4

Figure 4

Sand the parts now so that they are smoth both on the inner side and outer sides. Those imperfections can with som bad luck be seen when every thinng is finished. The center portion of Figure 4 should also be sanded a bit. It is to make it easier to put on the railing when everything is ready. Round the edges of rail parts (otherwise there is a risk that you will see the hard edge when the frame is complete).
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