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Poker Table Stage 1

As I mentioned erlier, this tabel will be an almost "full size" format.
Material needed to build the table is :

- 2 MDF board with the dimension os 12x1220x2440, 12mm thick, 1220mm Width and 2440mm long.
- 5 Tabellegs
- 1 roll of foam rubber as padding for the rail
- 1 Cloth as palying surface
- Artificial skin to rail surface
- Padding for the playing area
- Screws och woodglue

Now, lets start with the actual construction of the table

Step 1

Start by putting the two MDF panels on each other (make sure they dont move when you start sawing) and mark the size of the table.
The radius of the rounding should be 610 mm (ie half the width of the table). In order to mark it correctly, measure up 610mm from the short end and the long sides. Where the lines meet, you'll mark with a cross. Use a string that you make 610 mm long and fixate on the cross. Now you just need to attach a pen down on the cord end (it should be 610 mm from the cross onto the tip of the pen). Then draw the rounded form of the MDF board. Do the same on both ends of the table. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

Now you saw according to the markings. I used a jigsaw for this. Once you've sawn the boards you should have two boards that look as shown in Figure 2

Figure 2

One of the boards will be the rail and the other one will be the playing area.

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