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Build your own pokertable

To build your own poker table is not really that difficult. Prices can vary greatly depending on how advanced the table you want to build.
A start might be to just get a good canvas to "roll out" before the game. It gives clearly a better feeling than just playing on the dining table at home. You can always buy a cheap folding table from virtually anywhere. Would like to say that it is almost better to pad your own cloth and just roll it out, it has a better feel if you ask me.
When to start building your own table, there are some things that may be useful to consider before you start. - How many players do you want to fit around the table - Should it be with or without the dealer site - What form should it be? Round, octagonal or rectangular with rounded edges - How should I store the table when not in use
I built my table as a rectangular with rounded corners to accommodate ten players, and no dealer location. As an extra feature I added a light chain under the railing

I built my tabel like this ----->

This is how the table looks like when finished poker and Casino, the rakeback professionals, offering up to 60% rakeback
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