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Blinds structures

When choosing what type of structure to use, there are some things that I think you should think about.

  • How many palyers are you going to be
  • How long time do want the game to go on for
  • How many chips are every player going to receive
  • Do you intend to allow "ReBuy" or "AddOns"
  • What type of game are going to play
  • How experienced are the players
  • Are you going to have a dealer or not

Based on the above questions, you can create a fast or a slow spins.

If there are many inexperienced players, it might be good to have a pretty slow and flat sturktur. This means that all will be in the game longer. I also like that when playing at home it can be good with some longer perider at the beginning of the game. I've been running for quite some time with that the two first periods are longer (in my case, the two first periods is 30 minutes and the remaing periods are 15 minutes). The reason for having the first periods a bit longer is that it usually takes a while until all players have gained momentum in the game, which would otherwise only be time for a few hands before it's time for another period.
If only more experienced players are playing you can make all periods of equal length. I would recommend to extend period in any case

I use the following structure for players that are not that experienced and just are playing for the fun of it:

130 Min5/10
230 Min10/20
315 Min15/30
Paus10 MinChipup*
415 Min20/40
515 Min30/60
615 Min40/80
715 Min50/100
Paus10 MinChipup*
815 Min100/200
915 Min150/300
1015 Min200/400
1115 Min400/800

* Chipup is when you remove the lowest chip value, as they no longer are filling any use as the blinds have gone up.

This is a rather slow structure which I think is good for that type of player.
We have a starting stack of 750. The last blind period is used only when we play with full table (10 players)
or when there are multiple tables, otherwise it is just the lottery out of it at the end.

A good rule to use when you do a new blind structure is the first level is about 1 / 50 of starting chips to each player.
Doubled in blids for each new level that would be 1/2, 2/4, 3/6, 5/10 and so on. The last blind level small blind should be approximately equal to the number of
starting chips for each player, this is if you play one table. If you use the rebuy or run a multi table tournament, you need more levels.

How long a Blind Period shall be different from tournament to tournament. But some of the most common are 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes per level.
To determine how long the periods should be, should determine by how long you've been thinking that it will take to play the tournament.

Below are some examples of different Sturk service based on the size of the starting stack.

Starting stack
100 1000 2500 5000
1 1/2 10/20 25/50 50/100
2 2/4 20/40 50/100 100/200
3 3/6 30/60 75/150 150/300
4 5/10 50/100 100/200 200/400
5 10/20 75/150 200/400 300/600
6 15/30 100/200 300/600 500/1000
7 25/50 150/300 500/1000 750/1500
8 50/100 200/400 750/1500 1000/2000
9 75/150 300/600 1000/2000 1500/3000
10 100/200 400/800 1500/3000 2000/4000
11 150/300 500/1000 2000/4000 3000/6000
12 200/400 1000/2000 2500/5000 5000/10000 poker and Casino, the rakeback professionals, offering up to 60% rakeback
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